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Skydive Vallarta

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Are you ready to fly?

Skydive Vallarta have certified instructors recognized by the USPA the most recognized Skydiving Association in the world. As the same that our equipment SIGMA is the most safe and recognized in this area.

With more than 12,000 experience jumps, Skydive Vallarta have all the certificates that we require to offer you and our students the best service.

At Skydive Vallarta we have courses every six months of AFF, COACH, TANDEM, etc.

We arrive to the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta. Then we give a class of no more than 10 minutes for tandem jumps.

We get on the plane, take off and fly 30 to 35 minutes over the bay of Puerto Vallarta to reach a height of 9,000 feet above the level of the sea.

At the height of 8,000 feet we prepare to make the leap together to 9,000 ft tandem name. Jump and do a free fall of 35 to 40 seconds to fall at a speed of 200 km per hour, living an incredible sensation of floating.


Activate the parachute with a very soft opening to enjoy 5-7 minutes with the open parachute, flying over the sea and landing on the beach next to Peninsula Plaza.

The jump takes about an hour

Runs: Six Times Daily at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM (wheather permiting)

Instructor: Víctor Fernández. 17 years of experience

Jumps: 11,836

Licenses: Aff I / Coach/ pro /tándem examiner/pro/S&TA

License number: D24622. USPA

*Photo and video service available for an extra charge


What do you need?

Closed Toe Shoes (no high heels or sandals), Dress for the weather, Light Jacket, Photo Identification, Extra Cash for pictures and video (optional).


How safe is to jump from an airplane?

Our instructors are evaluated and certified by the Just as our pilots are certified and tested by the DGAC of Mexico SCT. As our skydiving teams are the most secure and recognized worldwide SIGMA.

Our teams have also AAD automatic activation system in case the parachute not activated in time will activate automatically.

Do you need physical requirements?

  • A good physical condition is always helpful in any sport.
  • You can not dive and then jump.
  • If taking any medication consult.

Is there a weight limit?

If you weigh more than 90 kg extra a little more for each kilo over the weight of 90.

Through the years, invented the tandem jump experience and to give people who want to jump without worrying about having the responsibility for safe landing. We do everything for you. We have 12 000 jumps experience.

We jumped children from 7 years to 98 years from 20 kilos to 130 kilos.

Come and jump with us we take care of the passes you incredibly well.

Do you feel dizzy when jumping?

When we jumped, the plane and going with speed. The speed at which the left and we increase is minimal. The freefall feeling is actually a floating sensation as if you meddle in a wind tunnel and float within.

Does the opening is very strong and can hurt?

The parachutes are designed to open gently so that customers do not feel anything.

Do I need Reservation?

It is better to make a reservation and guarantee your space.

We ask for $700 pesos for non-returnable deposit (If we can not jump due to weather conditions, we refund your money).

What clothes should I use?

Sportswear is most advisable

(We recommend a light breakfast).

How long is the tour?

An hour by jump. But always think they can last up to half a day depending on the weather.

Can I take video or photos?

It is not recommended because the company is not responsible for any device that is lost or damaged. We have special cameras to capture your moment.

After the jump if you want photos or video, you can get a professional DVD edition of your jump.


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