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River Expedition

Adventure without limits. The expedition begins by crossing from mountain to mountain on zip lines, combined with hanging bridges, singing lines and big leaps of action. Adrenaline will invade your senses as you Rappel down 27 meters high, and 24 meters free fall where you feel your pulse to the fullest, you have time to recover while our guides prepare your equipment to enjoy the most impressive line in water. We’ll make you feel like Tarzan and Jane, you can even scream, while crossing the river hanging from a line … you will feel great emotion. Just when you think there can’t be more fun, we’ll take you down the river on inflatable rafts, where you will enjoy the speed, adventure and majestic landscapes surrounding CANOPY RIVER, a place where the adventure has only one name and the special guest is you. Ahh! I almost forgot… don’t say I didn’t tell you, we will close this adventure aboard some cute and flirty mules.



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