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Combo JB ATV – Zipline Tour

The perfect combination for your adventure. On board of an ATV we will drive through unknown trails with the amazing views of the Sierra Madre Mountain at Canopy River. We will stop in a wonderful crystal clear natural pool at “El Salto” where you can take a dive. We’ll take the adventure back driving straight to the most exciting experience of our tour, going across the longest vehicular hanging bridge in the world: 470 meters of length and 150 meters of height above Río Cuale, you’ll feel the rush of pure adrenaline. Conclude our adventure on an ATV after 90 minutes of excitement. Flying over the river, feel the wind as you go ziplining at extreme speed to 650 feet above the river, among the treetops, enjoying the majestic scenery surrounding CANOPY RIVER, a place where adventure has only one name and the special guest is you. Ahh! I almost forgot… don’t say I didn’t tell you, we will close this eco adventure aboard some cute and flirty mules.

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